Road Hazards

One of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents and collisions is road  hazardous and conditions. Things that are minor when in a car, such as debris and wet roads, can cause serious injuries to motorcyclists. It’s important for motorcyclists to be aware of the dangers of road hazards, how to take the proper precautions, how to avoid dangerous situations, and who may be liable under the negligence law should an accident occur.

Gravel and small pebbles on pavement or roads are extremely hazardous to motorcyclists. When turning a corner in particular, gravel becomes dangerous and can easily lead to a collision. This most often happens to inexperienced motorcyclists who take turns too fast or too sharply. As a good measure of precaution, always corner as slow as possible.

Jagged and uneven roads is another reason for motorcycle accidents. Whether through construction work on roads or old roads that are in need of maintenance, bumpy and rough roads are especially dangerous for motorcyclists. In addition, slick surfaces on roads, whether the roads are bumpy or not, is risky for motorcyclists. Oil spills, rain, and mud are usually safe to drive on when in a passenger vehicle, but on a motorcycle, sliding happens much more often.

Objects in the road is another leading cause of motorcycle accidents. From small dead animals, debris, rocks, branches, and tire threads, any object that’s commonly found on road and highways is a risk for motorcyclists. While cars can usually pass over these objects safely, motorcyclists must use extra precaution as even the slightest bump can cause a serious accident.

So what happens if you are injured by a road hazard, and who is liable? This all depends upon the type of road hazard, why it was there, and whether or not someone was responsible for removing the hazard or putting up proper warning signs. For example, city or state agencies may be responsible if there was a known hazard just nothing was done to warn people. In addition, business and individuals may be responsible if they created a road hazard. Some common examples are branches falling out of a landscaping company’s business truck, or someone littering by tossing items out of the window while driving.

It is highly advisable to seek the assistance of a motorcycle accident lawyer if you’ve been a victim of hazardous road conditions. Use our contact form or call us to speak with a top motorcycle accident attorney in your area.