3 D.C. Area Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in 3 Days

May 04, 2013

Three Washington, DC area motorcyclists are dead and a fourth is critically injured after three separate accidents which occurred within a three day period.

The most recent motorcycle accident occurred on Thursday, when Caleb Decentrey Williams and Herby Harold Bolick, Jr. were riding their motorcycles close to the intersection of Route 301 and Short Cut Road. A minivan driven by an unidentified man failed to yield the right of way to the two bikers. According to the Maryland State Police, Williams and Bolick slammed into the van and were killed on impact. The driver of the van was treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

In a previous accident on Wednesday morning, an unidentified motorcyclist was seriously injured in one of three separate crashes. The chain of accidents began close to 5:45 AM when a station wagon collided with the rear of a Toyota on the northbound lane of I-95. Moments later, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rear ended the station wagon.

The force of the collision threw the motorcyclist off his bike and onto the path of a tractor trailer, which ran him over. The riderless motorcycle kept moving and forced several drivers to take evasive maneuvers. Three more cars crashed trying to avoid the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was taken to Ivona Fairfax Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Though no one else was hurt, the driver of the station wagon was charged with careless driving.

In yet another motorcycle accident that occurred on Tuesday morning, a 68-year-old man died when he lost control of his motorcycle. He was riding along the northbound lane of I-95 and collided with a tractor-trailer. According to Virginia State Police, Timothy E. Halpin was riding his 2001 BMW 1200 when the motorcycle somehow got away from his control on the rain-slick left lane of I-95. The motorcycle moved into the left shoulder of I-95. As Halpin drove into the center northbound lane, a tractor trailer hit the motorcycle and kept going.

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